Hida Folk Village

One exciting thing when we were planning our Japan trip is breaking off our travel to explore a place unpopular to most Filipino travelers, Hida-Takayama. This is an intelligent guess since well, how many friends do you know have gone to Hida, Japan? I'm pretty sure most wouldn't know the place. It was a toss up between Hida and the Mt Fuji region for us, but the World Heritage Site won us over.

Hida Folk Village

This is an open village with 30 traditional houses that highlights the craftsmanship of the Japanese, specially the men and women from the Hida area. People here are known wood experts. Most temples found in Kyoto were made by Hida artists, that's how good they were. Some houses are the actual houses from the 1700s but some are not 100% from that century as some were damaged due to aging and the many seasons it weathered. Entrance to this village is Y700/pax.

It was a good day for us to walk around. We were worried that we may not be able to do so because since we arrived in Japan, we were often blessed with rainshowers, but that day was a good day.

This sight greets you when you enter the Folk Village.
Sitting atop is the Takumi Shrine which is only opened for viewing twice a year.
This day wasn't one of those two days. Sayang.

Taguchi's House

Parked bike. 

Wakayama's House
Interior at Wakayama's House

Michikami's House

So you know where to get your wheels on. Hehe.

We traveled to Hida-Takayama during the Japanese Summer season thus the surroundings are mainly unicolored - green. Photos of the village during the other seasons looked wonderful and it wouldn't hurt to experience that as well.

It is highly recommended to go during Spring and Autumn to coincide with the Takayama Spring and Takayama Autumn Festivals - just make sure to book flights/land travels and accommodations ahead since those are their peak periods with tourists coming from everywhere.

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